Adoration or "Face to Face" prayer is loving and magnifying the Lord above all else and in every circumstance and season of life. It is setting our eyes on the prize of knowing Christ Jesus and delighting in who He is. A person in love with God can not be stopped. Adoration is about falling in love with Him and giving Him the love He is due!

All of life is an opportunity to see and love Jesus more. We start with a 'Narrow View of God' and through a lifestyle of adoration, we move to a 'Healed and Expanded view' of God. Like in Song of Solomon 1:3, as we take time to adore Him in our devotional life, not trying to rush into His presence, but simply loving and delighting in Him, we will cultivate the intimacy we need with Him in all of life.

The most exhilarated person is not the one who has millions of dollars, but the one that experiences the depths of God and the expressions of Him in all of life. Adoration takes us to that place!

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