God is inviting us to co-labour with Him in prayer as He continues to unfold and establish the plans of His Heart for 2018 and beyond.

When we consistently declare His plans and purposes for transformative change in the various spheres of influence in our city, community and country, we will begin to witness powerful changes and shifts in the natural order as the present condition on earth will begin to align itself with heaven's will.

We attach various resources including audio files and crafted prayers for your use. We would ask that you would prayerfully consider incorporating some of these prayers and declarations as part of your daily lifestyle. Simply click on a file name in the list below to open or download it.

Names of God Part 2 - I AM

Names of God Part 1 - El Shaddai

Encounter2012 Intro.mp3

Encounter2012 Message.mp3

Encountering God as the Promise Keeper in 2012

Prayers & Declarations-Arts & Entertainment

Prayers & Declarations-Church

Prayer & Declaration-Confidence in God's Protection

Prayers & Declarations-Education

Prayers & Declarations-Education-ACTS2ANU

Prayers & Declarations-Family

Prayers & Declarations-Family 2

Prayer & Declaration-God's Victory in Our Lives

Prayers & Declarations-Government

Prayers & Declarations-Government 2

Prayers & Declarations-Harvest

Prayers & Declarations-Israel

Prayer & Declaration - Matriarchs of Hope

Prayers & Declarations-Media & Communications

Prayers & Declarations-Next Generation

Prayers & Declarations-Plebiscite

Prayers & Declarations-Marriage

Prayer Cover For Hope Australia




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